Environmental Policy

Active Designs by Mike Miller Associates Limited is a leading manufacturer of Educational Learning Resources. We are committed to the care of the environment and prevention of pollution as part of our business strategy.

We have established a management structure, which ensures effective environmental management, and provides training and education to our employees at all levels, in order that they develop a sense of responsibility for the environment. The impact of our activities on the local environment will be assessed, monitored and controlled in line with current legislation and standards.

All aspects of this policy have, and will be communicated to employees, shareholders, customers, the public and other interested parties as appropriate.

In line with these principles, it is the policy of Active Designs to:

•    Set objectives and targets to demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement in evironmental performance.

•    Optimise the use of energy and raw materials.

•    Minimise waste production, maximise re-use and recycling and dispose of waste safely.

•    Take into account environmental considerations in selection of materials and in the design of new products and processes.

•    Seek suppliers with environmental standards consistent with our own.

•    Ensure all subcontractors operate in line with the principles of our environmental policy.

We will check our activities periodically to ensure they are consistent with these principles.

Johanne Miller
Managing Director
Issued August 1999
Amended January 2007