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SA-CALOOOA-FRE Classroom Calendar - French

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Classroom Calendar - French

This attractive calendar and birthday chart is an ideal way to introduce French vocabulary linked with the date and calendar.  The clear and simple design is an important feature enabling children to clearly see and understand the language being used, so that they can easily select appropriate labels for today’s date and their age etc. 

The durable fabric background, measuring 36 x 55 cm folds up for easy storage and includes labels in French for the days of the week, month and date , with extra blank labels to personalise it on those special dates. To link the resource to French cultural events, a few labels have been included to introduce Saint’s Days (or Name Days).  In France each day of the year  (with a few exceptions) has a Saint or Saints linked to it and is celebrated by anyone sharing their name with that Saint.

Teachers' notes are also included.

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