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SA-FTOOOOA-FRE Family Tree - French

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Family Tree - French

This tactile resource is ideal for teaching French vocabulary relating to “The Family” to children of all ages.  It can be used as a simple introduction to genders (masculine and feminine) that are such a key part of the French language and can be visually demonstrated using the pink and blue characters included. 
In addition, “La Famille” is also an ideal introduction to the possessive form and can be used to demonstrate that Isabelle’s mother translates in French to the mother of Isabelle...”C’est la mère d’Isabelle”, using the additional labels included with the set.

The durable fabric background, measuring 45 x 80 cm folds up for easy storage and includes 6 large figures, 6 small figures, 2 pets, 28 labels with extra blank labels and useful teachers notes.

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