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SA-MBBOOOA-ENG Minibeasts I.D. Bag

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Minibeasts I.D. Bag

This unique fold out bag is ideal for encouraging children to observe the similarities and differences that occur in nature, leading on to identification and grouping.

The process of using a key to identify living things leads children to examine individual characteristics, but there is also a great deal of educational value for older children setting up a key of their own.

This resource links directly with the National Curriculum for Science, at both Key Stages 1 and 2, giving a very targeted resource for teachers. The versatility of this resource enables a teacher to use it at different levels within a class and tailor it to suit the individual or group. It is very curriculum focused and provides enormous educational content within the area of minibeasts, but it also develops key skills that can be used in other topics.

The durable fabric bag, measures 38 x 40 cm and unfolds to a length of 74 cm. The pack is supplied with 14 picture labels, 14 fabric arrows,14 minibeast name labels, 10 question labels, 24 Yes and No labels together with comprehensive teachers guidance notes, all of which can be stored in the bag.

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