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Family Tree

‘Family’ is a popular topic covered in most Primary schools and Early Years settings, where children learn about the concept of a family and their place within it. This resource would support Early Years Foundation Stage in pre-school, nurseries and Reception.


Due to sensitivities around individual family circumstances, this resource has the flexibility to accommodate different family structures and not isolate any child that doesn’t have a ‘typical’ family background.  A visual and tactile resource such as this would be a valuable asset to a teacher or counsellor as it gives a simple visual context to a complicated concept.


The durable fabric background, measuring 45 x 80 cm (unfolded), folds up for easy storage and includes 10 large figures, 10 small figures, 1 large tree, 3 small trees, 2 pets, 14 printed labels, extra blank labels and useful teachers notes.


A pack of extra figures is available to extend the tree.

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