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SA-RSTOOOA-ENG Road Safety Tunics

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Road Safety Tunics

These unique Road Safety tunics are a fun way to introduce simple road safety role-play with a class or small group. They encourage children to think about some of the basic road safety principles from an early age and learn how to be safe when crossing a road.


A simple role-play activity can either be set up inside, with an imaginary road and crossing, or if playing outside it could be visually enhanced by drawing a road and pedestrian crossing on the playground with chalk.


Each tunic is manufactured in durable brushed nylon and measures 30 cm wide x 42 cm long and include traffic light and pedestrian signals.  A teachers' guide is also supplied with the pack providing a number of suitable activities.

Please Note:
The 'zebra crossing' shown in some pictures is for illustrative purposes only and not supplied with the tunics.

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