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Big Eye

The Big Eye is an engaging resource for demonstration, revision and assessment of the structure of the human eye. It can be used for labelling the parts of the eye and lead on to discussions about the way the eye focuses and help explain eye sight defects.


The clear and simple labels supplied contain key vocabulary which introduces and reinforces important language about the anatomy of the eye. The supporting reference sheet shows the vocabulary in context and can be photocopied for personal reference by pupils. The activity sheet gives a simple tool for revision and also allows informal assessment


This tactile resource is useful for supporting EAL teaching as it demonstrates important curriculum content with reduced language input. The visual, interactive nature of the product ensures the subject matter is accessible to EAL pupils.  Alternative labelling could be added to include a child’s home language, enhancing content learning and the development of new concepts.



The product is manufactured in durable brushed nylon and measures 40 x 39 cm, which makes it large enough to be seen by the whole class. Included in the pack is a full set of labels and teachers notes.

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